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The Leadership Accelerator Toolkit
How to quickly transform your team so that you can have productive, engaged employees without the stress & grind.
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 Hello, I’m Michele Burch Reid, MS. I am an Industrial/Organizational coach & consultant, with a master’s degree in I/O Psychology and a long list of certifications in the  area of Emotional Intelligence, Personality Type, Training, Resilience, Biofeedback and more.  I have been presenting 1:1 coaching & live workshops to organizations and teams for over a decade. 

I help leaders go from overwhelmed and exhausted to regaining their time, energy and focus, by training them in a number of leadership strategies, such as Emotional  Intelligence, Personality Type, Training, Resilience building & so much more. 

Through my training programs, leaders avoid burn out and instead motivate and reengage their employees and teams, resulting in increased productivity, problem solving and retention. 

Happy Leading,

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