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The Leadership Accelerator Toolkit
How to quickly transform your team so that you can have productive, engaged employees without the stress & grind.
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 Hello, I’m Michele Burch Reid, MS. I am an Industrial/Organizational coach & consultant, with a master’s degree in I/O Psychology and a long list of certifications in the  area of Emotional Intelligence, Personality Type, Training, Resilience, Biofeedback and more.  I have been presenting 1:1 coaching & live workshops to organizations and teams for over a decade. 

I help leaders go from overwhelmed and exhausted to regaining their time, energy and focus, by training them in a number of leadership strategies, such as Emotional  Intelligence, Personality Type, Training, Resilience building & so much more. 

Through my training programs, leaders avoid burn out and instead motivate and reengage their employees and teams, resulting in increased productivity, problem solving and retention. 

Happy Leading,

The Coach Yourself to Excellence

A guide to understanding yourself and others to Improve Communication, Relationship and Peak Performance. 

The 40 day practice to resilience

In this program, Michele guides you in learning How stress affects the body, How to reverse those effects, and Build Resilience. 
Includes several Relaxation Stress Management Exercises, Worksheets and a 40-Day Journal guide to map your journey to Stress Management mastery. 
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